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Our Client Centric Service Model

Updated: May 24

How many times have you gone somewhere from a retail shop to a doctor’s office where you thought, I wish they would really think about my needs or listen to me.

As people, we want our opinions and expertise valued and to feel heard. As a parent, this can be exceptionally more challenging to get that in return when it relates to the care and needs of our children.

Mindcolor continuously aims to overcome the barriers that families encounter in other environments. All families and caregivers need to be heard, as well as each client, for ABA services to be the most effective. These pieces are critical elements to Mindcolor’s Client Centric service model.

Caregivers are the experts in their child and Mindcolor team members are the experts in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). These two pieces must be brought together and collaboration is key to providing the most effective and impactful services to each client. This starts at individualizing the treatment goals and plan for each client that are developed from collaboration during the assessment and reassessment processes.

Feedback from families and caregivers is so important to the success of all clients and team members. Mindcolor requests feedback from all caregivers through online surveys, ongoing caregiver sessions, and collaboration meetings.

Client centric services may start with the caregivers but extends to other members of the child’s team who are providing other services, as well. All of these individuals should play a role in the child’s ongoing treatment through collaboration and coordination across all therapy providers.

Each child also plays a role in their own treatment and their responses to treatment are continuously evaluated throughout all sessions. When able, each child should also be able to actively participate in goals selection and development.

All of these components come together to provide an individualized client experience. Mindcolor brings all of these pieces together to collaborate, coordinate, and provide each family and client with the client centric service model.

Executive Director of Clinical Operations and Compliance at Mindcolor Autism



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