Our mission

We have one mission: to positively impact the lives of children with autism. 

We were founded on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to be extraordinary. By raising the bar for autism services and breaking down barriers to care, we strive to help every child with autism receive the care they deserve. At Mindcolor Autism, we don't settle for the norm – we continuously push the boundaries of what we're capable of delivering to you.

about us


the Mindcolor IMPACT

At Mindcolor Autism, we strive to make an impact:

on children, on families, and on the communities around us.


We offer the most compassionate care to each child by adapting our care to fit each child and family’s unique individual needs.



We love what we do every day and aspire to help as many children as we can reach their maximum potential.



The principle of integrity guides our every action. We believe that doing the right thing for our patients always comes first.



For every child we serve, we embark on an unwavering mission to open new possibilities in his or her life.



We use established, research-based methods that are accountable, data-driven, and aim to deliver exceptional results to our clients.



We believe in a team approach. By closely working together with families, we can achieve the best outcomes – welcome to our Mindcolor team.


Dr. Jennifer Agganis, EdD, BCBA

Chief Clinical Advisor

Valerie Zimmerman, MS, BCBA

Lead BCBA,

Center Director (Franklin, WI)

Mariah Roberts, MS, BCBA

Lead BCBA,

Center Director (McKinney and Richardson, TX)

Stephanie Masini, MS, BCBA

Lead BCBA,

Center Director (Colorado Springs, CO)

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

Our BCBAs are highly trained, certified clinicians who design and implement your child's treatment plan. Our BCBAs conduct the initial assessment, develop an individualized treatment plan, lead your child's treatment team, provide parent coaching, and ensure we deliver the highest quality care to your child and family.

Behavior Therapists and Technicians

Our therapists and technicians work closely with our BCBAs to deliver 1:1 direct therapy for your child. Our therapists and technicians have significant experience working with children, undergo a minimum of 40 hours of initial training, and continue to receive ongoing training and supervision from our BCBAs.


our team

clinical leadership

our clinicians

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