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Diagnostic evaluations at our centers

Mindcolor Autism offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations conducted by our licensed clinical psychologists to help assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children. Learn more about the process at our FAQ.

We offer diagnostic evaluations at our locations in Texas (Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio) and Omaha. We currently have a waitlist in Colorado but have referral partners with availability.

As part of the diagnostic evaluation, your family and your child will

  • Begin with a detailed family interview

  • Engage in several assessments and observations

  • Receive a comprehensive report detailing the diagnosis

  • Review recommendations for next steps and treatment options

We currently accept most commercial insurance plans to cover the cost of the diagnostic evaluation.

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We have an easy, stress-free onboarding process. We strive to be a partner and advocate for you and your child from the very beginning. Just fill out the below and begin the first step in your journey with us!

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