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Opening the Mindcolor Center in Broomfield, CO

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Three women walk up to a locked door of a building, but they have the key. The door swings open and they step into a blank canvas. What lay before them are dusty rooms and one wasp's nest, but what they see in their minds is an ocean-themed playroom, sensory tables, and calming swings. This is the first day for the Mindcolor center in Broomfield, CO.

Stephanie Masini, Regional Director, Emily Cutright, BCBA, and Caitlyn Rust, Operations Associate sat on the floor eating a take-out lunch and forming the vision of how these walls could become an inviting and therapeutic environment for the children that would soon be there.

They stayed late that day measuring the spaces for the future furniture. Boxes arrived daily and, with audiobooks playing, they became experts at assembling furniture. They painted ocean-themed murals, brought in (and tested) the toys, and built a massive trampoline. All of this was accomplished despite some minor setbacks and the haze of dust as walls were put in. But the vision kept them on course.

It looked lonely with no children, however, a center was emerging.

Team members were excited and nervous leading up to the first client’s arrival. When he walked through the door, there was a sparkle in his eyes and wonder in his voice, as he rushed from shelves of toys to the Shark Room to the game console.

We were ready for the tide of clients to start coming in.

Since then, more clients have walked through that door along with three RBT’s and the Center Director Laura Wilhelm. Each person who enters marvels at the layout and can see that peer interactions are a priority and reflected in the open space.

We are eager to become known for providing compassionate, individualized ABA therapy in Broomfield.

“Opening a new center represents endless possibilities,” said Wilhelm. “I look forward to welcoming new clients and their families and watching the center blossom. I’m excited to be part of the Broomfield community, and am eager to connect and collaborate with other professionals in the area!”

As word of the center gets out, it will evolve with each client and team member that makes up its heart. Three women walked through that door in February 2023 but the future is an ocean of possibilities.

Author: Linda Thornton

Registered Behavior Technician for Mindcolor - Broomfield



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